Behind False Ego

Behind False Ego


Apparel with purpose; For people with purpose.

Founded in Denver, CO in the summer of 2018 by Jevon Taylor, False Ego designs a full range of high-quality Eco-Friendly Apparel items, changing the culture of today's fashion.

The necessity of sustainable fashion and the constantly growing culture of streetwear is what gave birth to False Ego. Behind every design is a product made strictly from sustainable materials, promoting environmental enlightenment, while also allowing our customers to display our message in a wide variety of styles, designs, and imagery. False Ego is an interdependent company that realizes the power within numbers and aims to expand it's impact by not only selling apparel items but collaborating efforts towards environmental causes with individuals and other organizations with similar objectives.

Today, fashion is the second leading polluter in the world behind gas/oil, our planetary mission is to change the mindsets of consumers, increasing awareness of the environmental impact of the apparel industry, encouraging customers to know where their clothes come from and how they are made. Knowing we're all a small part of a bigger picture, enables us to make positive impacts in our environment, sharing our light with the people around us. The events of tomorrow rely on the actions of today.

False Ego not only plans to change the behavior and mindset of the world’s culture, but will do so being one of few genuine environmentally conscious apparel brands making every item from eco-friendly material, using sustainable & efficient energy and shipping methods, to complete the industrial circle, ultimately decreasing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry one step at a time. Our mission is not to sell billions of garments, but rather change billions of lives and evolve the way we as a society consume, now and in years to come. We want people to buy our products because they support our revolutionary cause, message, sustainable lifestyle, and want to be part of a community contributing to a cause that will help future generations to be able to live in a healthy planet full of resources.   

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Product Transparency

Product Transparency


Alison Bresler December 13 2019

Jevon, I love what you are doing. I am going to list you as a resource on my website. Keep doing amazing things! ~ Alison Bresler (Maxwell’s mom ;) )

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