Textile Recycling Program FAQ‘s

Can I use the prepaid label on any package?

The label we provide covers packages 1lb or lighter. If you would like to ship a larger package simply Pay the difference in shipping at the UPS store.


Where should I put the new shipping label?

The new shipping label should be placed directly over the original shipping label to eliminate the possibility of errors during the shipping process.


What can I mail?

USagain will take any used textiles including all articles of clothing, linens and, any other woven or knit textiles free of hazardous materials. For a full list of restrictions visit USagain.


What if I don’t have a printer?

Most UPS stores have computers available where you can access your account allowing you to  print your shipping label in the store. You can locate your closest UPS store here. 

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How We're Different

Product Transparency

Product Transparency

How We're Different