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The true measure of any trusted business is the values it stands on. Our Design & Delivery approach, commitment to sustainability, culture of community, and customer empowerment are what make False Ego unique. Our community benefits from our strategic partnerships that allow them to be more than just a customer but an individual agent of change, making a difference with each purchase, Planting trees, and eliminating textile waste from our landfills. Our dedication goes far beyond simply apparel.

We are always looking for new sustainable technologies, procedures and businesses to ensure we are able to provide our community with the highest quality lowest impact goods. If you work with or know of any companies with the same mission please reach out


Design & Delivery

Never sacrificing the quality of our products, we source from the world's finest fabric distributors, providing you with premier level garments made from raw organic materials grown in the USA and creatively designed & embroidered in Denver, Colorado. Each product is designed with intention and with its full life cycle in mind.

Culture of Excellence

Our culture of excellence is displayed throughout our entire organization and community. We influence our approach through a wide range of activities and events to promote leadership, birth new connections, and create brand champions spreading their impact inside their own personal communities. Our ever-growing community is the driving force of our impact, allowing us to reach a wide range of people, that are all working harmoniously to make changes in the world we live in.


Sustainability is the core value infused in every element of False Ego. Our sustainability goes beyond just the materials and fabrics we use to make our products. We have created a closed loop business model where we not only sell garments but give them more life and uses through our Recycling Program. Currently there is no harmless way to produce clothing, so to offset our emissions during the production phase we plant a tree in the Unsambara Biodiversity Conservation in Tanzania, Africa with every purchase made online. Even the website you're viewing right now is CO2 Neutral. 


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Textile Recycling Program FAQ‘s

Product Transparency

Product Transparency


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