False Ego Opening Night of Denver Fashion Week

False Ego Denver Fashion Week Opening night with 303 Magazine
November 9th False Ego was presented during the Opening night of the 2019 Denver Fashion Week, Sponsored by 303 Magazine . In partnership with Shanah Leaf, the inspiration behind the collection was to simply shine light on Eco-friendly fashion, while also bringing inclusivity into that realm of fashion with an entirely minority based modeling crew. Everything we design or do has a greater purpose and mission behind it. We wanted to leave an impact on the audience of inspiration through simplicity. Nothing about our collection was extremely off the wall but we were effective through simplicity and clean imagery displaying wide variety of styles, staying true to what we've set out to do since Day 1. We wanted to give people just enough to appreciate but also leave them curious enough to research more into the company and find out all the other things we have going on, because our mission goes FAR beyond fashion. We are taking steps to build platforms that will last beyond our years here. So this Fashion show was an opportunity to pave the way for future creatives doing things different, doing things beyond themselves. #APartOfEverything

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