Instead Of...

Instead Of...
Soda cans, plastic grocery bags, plastic food wraps, straws... and various other products are not only filling our cabinets, but they're filling our landfills and oceans. Unlike their organic alternatives, they aren't biodegradable or decompose and as of today 6.3 billion tons of plastic alone are endangering the air we intake, our waterways, our wildlife habitats, and our health. We have surpassed the point where recycling is our only solution to solve these issues (only 14% of recycled plastic can be reused). So yes still recycle but now we must also take accountability of our personal impact and be cognizant of the products we buy for ourselves and those around us. Thinking about the sustainability and longevity of a product instead of just the convenience of it. Environmental experts have suggested that eliminating the habit of buying "Single Use" products such as:
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Plastics straws
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Sandwich bags
  • Plastic grocery bags
will allow us to reverse this issue within the next 10 years, but the change starts now in this moment as you read this. So Here are 7 alternative products ranging from Water bottles to Headphones; giving you the first step on starting your sustainability journey.
Bee's Wrap , founded in 2012, is a company based in Vermont making reusable food wrapping; infusing organic cotton with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. This vision was built with the purpose of eliminating plastics in our kitchen in favor of a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food. Resulting in a beautifully printed food wrapping that can be hand washed with cold water, air dried, and reused over and over again.

Marley Headphones  created by the Marley family (Bob Marley) produces a wide variety of headphones, speakers, and earphones built on the principles of superior quality, sustainability and a commitment to charitable causes. This company  enhances the sound industry through great product experiences while also using the proceeds from product sales to support global reforestation through an excellent project called Project Marley.

Not only does Marley make great sound products, but they do so using/reusing sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled FSC wood, recycled aluminum, rewind fabric (30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed Hemp, 40% recycled PET plastic). And to top it off the product is packaged in recycled plastic, planting a tree for every product sold.


Instead of buying single use plastic water bottles by the bulk, get a reusable water container like a Soma Water Bottle. Soma, who is a certified B-Corp business, not only sells various water bottles, but they also produce water filters and with every product purchased, they give a percentage of the proceeds to a charity fighting to end the global water crisis, allowing those forgotten about around the world to have access to fresh filtered water. The packaging for each bottle is recycled materials and can also be recycled again after use.


Pronounced, ( boo - e ) n. Boie USA is a startup from New York innovating the way we brush our teeth and wash our body. With discarded plastic tooth brushes increasing the amount of waste we produce by 50 million pounds every year, they saw it was time for a change, dedicating their business plan to leave behind the smallest environmental trace possible. Every toothbrush has silver embedded into the bristles so the brush not only take twice the amount of germs off your teeth but lasts twice as long keeping the user from having to replace the brush as often. Boie Brushes are also designed with detachable brush heads, so you can replace only that without having to buy an entirely new brush every time.
Boie has also recently expanded their product line, releasing their BPA-Free Anti-microbial body scrubber replacing the wasteful $1.00 shower scrubbers that not only trap dead skin cells and breed dangerous amounts of bacteria, but also trap many marine animals in our oceans once their disposed of.
These trash bags are 100% compostable, meet the stringent requirements of municipal composting programs, and are BPI certified. For reference, they're almost half the price of Glad bags and decrease more than half of carbon emissions compared to plastic trash bags (come in 13 gallon, also 50-count). These bags can be found strictly on Amazon.
13. Reusable coffee filters

With the recent popularity of instant coffee systems like Keurig, single-serving pods have also seen an exponential rise in use among Americans due to their convenience. But instead of popping in a new K-Cup every morning only to toss it into the trash can, we should consider saving ourselves not only space and money, but our earth with the choice of investing in fresh ground coffee and a reusable filter pod. These reusable pods found on Amazon will save your pockets and keep our landfills from filling up with useless plastic that can easily be avoided.




BodyLove by Tal is a company specializing in hand-crafted and customizable organic and all natural face and body products. 

Their vision is to create chemical free, non toxic and preservative free products with the highest quality organic and all natural ingredients while teaching and educating our consumers through their interactive and Do It Yourself model promoting the importance of positivity, self love, and self care.




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