How False Ego is Turning Businesses Into Zero-Emission for Free!

How False Ego is Turning Businesses Into Zero-Emission for Free!

False Ego and UCapture Eliminate Your CO2 Footprint!

As we live our daily lives, machines move, buildings buzz, and computers calculate.

These all take fuel to stay powered, and gases are released into the air as we use that fuel. Some people’s lifestyles lead to more emissions than others, due to transportation, occupation, or other factors. The definition of “carbon footprint” is the amount of gases released as a result of your specific lifestyle.

If I drive my car everywhere while you only ride your bike, then your CO2 footprint would be smaller than mine.

The average carbon footprint for those living in the United States is 16 tons of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. Compare that to the global average of 4 tons, and you might see why False Ego is so concerned with shrinking our footprints.

How is a Carbon Footprint Calculated?

Your CO2 footprint is an estimation of the amount of gases released with each activity in your daily life. The factors are Home Energy, Transportation, and Waste that affect your carbon footprint calculation.

The EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator will tell you how much greenhouse gas is released due to any particular lifestyle.


What Does Zero Emission Mean?

There are plenty of businesses that promote themselves as “Zero-Emission” businesses, but how do they get there?

As mentioned earlier, a carbon footprint refers to greenhouse emissions as a result of a specific agent. To shrink a carbon footprint, a company could change the fuel they use, or cut down on unnecessary transportation systems.
All of those things bring down the environmental impact of a company, but it’s nearly impossible to completely cut out carbon emissions. Whether you’re just a person, or a conglomerate, you are almost always doing something that has emission implications.

A company or person can claim to be zero-emission once they offset the remaining carbon emissions that you couldn’t cut away from.
The average US citizen is responsible for about 16 tons of CO2 emitted into the air. A complete sustainable lifestyle change may shrink that footprint to 2 tons, for example, but it won’t eliminate all of the possible associated emissions.

This is where “carbon offsets”  come in and save the day!


How Carbon Offsets Help Us Get To Zero Emissions

So, we’ve mentioned that a sustainable approach is a great way to cut down on harmful gases, but it won’t erase your footprint completely. To truly be labeled as “Zero Emission” you would have to buy carbon offsets.

There are sustainable initiatives that are meant to eliminate greenhouse gases, and you can support these eco-friendly initiatives financially.That is how you buy a carbon offset. If you buy enough offsets, you will effectively be helping to eliminate more CO2 than you emit.

A carbon offset you could buy, as an example, would directly send money to reforestation efforts. Of course, trees capture CO2, so more trees planted means less CO2 bouncing around the earth.

Or maybe you purchase carbon offsets through a wind farm, which would cut down on demand for fossil fuel energy.


Steps to Eliminate Your Carbon Footprint

  1. Calculate your carbon footprint
  2. Cut back on home energy, transportation, and waste
  3. Cut back a little more
  4. Recalculate your carbon footprint
  5. Purchase enough carbon offsets to compensate


False Ego x UCapture make “Zero Emission” Easier for Everyone

We all love saving money while shopping online, and who wouldn’t want to take care of the planet along the way?

Luckily, the UCapture team had the same idea when they started their project of providing an easy way to reduce climate change as an upshot of capitalism.

False Ego is proud to partner with UCapture for the opportunity to give our community easy access to tools for impact. A purchase through False Ego has always resulted in meaningful impact, but now we’re proud to expand that impact further than just our own products.

What is UCapture?

To make it simple; UCapture is an easy way to erase your CO2 emissions without changing your lifestyle, for free.

UCapture works as a browser extension that gathers and automatically applies coupons on eCommerce sites. You may be familiar with other extensions that search and apply coupons to your online shopping, but this takes it a step further!

With every purchase made while the UCapture plugin is active, a percentage will be donated by the company you purchase from. The best part is that when you sign up with UCapture you can select a specific initiative to fund with your purchases.


How does UCapture work?

Getting discounts and free carbon offsets sounds too good to be true. But, once you understand how it works, signing up with UCapture is a no-brainer.

First, UCapture partners with 25,000+ companies to offer coupons while you shop. UCapture is paid for each purchase you make with these partners, but 66% of the money UCapture collects is sent to a CO2 initiative of your choice.

Long story short, you and UCapture are working together to get these retail companies to fund the elimination of your carbon footprint.


False Ego x UCapture Partnership

Does gathering automatic coupons and supporting eco-initiatives for free sound like a good time? Sign up here!

When you sign up through our partnership page, 100lbs of CO2 is eliminated on your behalf from UCapture. Also, a few suggested carbon offset programs we suggest are highlighted for you once you make an account.

Ready to change the world?




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