Where Do Your Clothes Come From?

Where Do Your Clothes Come From?

Power of One

One of the most underestimated aspects of our lives is the impact that just one person can make. Especially as consumers, we hold the power to make changes in our world merely with our wallets.

Right now in 2019, over a 100 billion garments of clothing are being produced every year. With the demand of fashion drastically increasing, only to increase more in years to come, it is extremely important that as consumers we ask one simple question... "Where do my clothes come from?"  And no, we don't mean the brand name. Some will know and most won't. In the age of technology we're living in, with information directly in the palm of our hands, there's no excuse for us not to know simple facts like what our clothing is made of, where it comes from, and the direct impact it has on the world we all live in.  Going forward, if we wish to see changes in our world and how clothing is made, It's not only important that we ask ourselves where our clothes come from, but DEMAND that the companies we are buying from show transparency within their business model's.

Does the brand you're wearing or the recent brand you've purchased supply their workers with ethical working conditions in the factories your clothes were made in? Are the factories paying workers fair wages? Are they involved in fair-trade supply chains? This is only scratching the surface of what we need to know before we purchase a garment from our favorite retailers. Holding ourselves and the companies we buy from accountable for the way we purchase and make clothing, will put the breaks on Fast Fashion as we know it. A 2017 Mckinley fashion report states that 3/5 of garments purchased will end up in a landfill or an incinerator within the first year of it's production, shining a beaming light on the lack of thought or care being put into our consumer decisions. It's no longer a suggestion that we start buying more quality and less quantity for our closets, purchasing items that are ethically made, last longer, and most importantly come from companies that have Eco-centric business models; We have now reached a point where it is our only choice, unless we want future generations to inherit a planet lacking resources and a culture detached, desensitized, and apathetic to  the world around them.

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Resources like the platform Good On You, make it easy for you to search your favorite brands, inquire more information on the sustainability of their business model, find new/better brands that are more sustainable, as well as educate you on the fabrics & materials that go into producing your clothes.The resources and awareness already exist, it is now time that we as a connected conscious put direct action towards transforming our buying habits, inspiring those around us to think twice before their next purchase.. We must then use this inspiration to innovate new sustainable products, create more resources for people to tap into, and intentionally place more of our energy and focus on the craftsmanship of every garment we make or buy. There's a lot more at stake than $20 for your next T-shirt

What is the true cost of your garment? Our Planet?




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