GWHS DECA Sponsored by False Ego

False Ego is now Co-directing George Washington High School's DECA Program. GWHS launched their DECA program in the 2020-21 school year and we are assisting directly with fundraising efforts, the creative direction of the programming, and enhancing internship/apprenticeship opportunities for the students at GWHS. This specific program creates opportunities for students to gain hands on experience with real life store management, marketing, event curation, volunteer work, fundraising, and much more. 

False Ego is also serving a role as a resource, helping GWHS DECA increase  diversity within the program (race, grade, background) ultimately creating more effective campaigns that improves the student's ability to actively/professionally reach out and collaborate with their fellow individual students, other student organizations, and their local community. This DECA program focuses on fostering student's creativity and providing resources that will help guide their path along their professional journey as they start & prepare for new stages in their life.

Currently, we are building a school store inside the school, with the intention of the store being a central hub that GWHS students go to find resources, School merchandise, and learn about upcoming events/happenings around school.


George Washington High School DECA program Sponsored by False Ego

George Washington High School DECA Program Sponsored by False Ego