Habitat Restoration Project


False Ego, a Black-owned small business on the edge of the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, Denver Botanic Gardens,University of Colorado at Denver, and developer EDENS, seeks funding to support community-centric habitat restoration in historically marginalized neighborhoods that now face gentrification and the threats of climate change.

False Ego and our partners are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between urban land use practices and community needs through the transformation of landscapes around city-owned streets and walkways, and the development of models that can be replicated elsewhere.

This process would engage community leaders, small businesses, and city representatives to address the bureaucratic barriers to habitat restoration and leverage resources in a gentrifying area in an effort to cede the power of self-determination back to the affected BIPOC communities who should benefit most.

This dream team will pilot a project that can serve as a model for other Denver neighborhoods. Restoring pollinator-friendly, water-smart, and climate resilient greenery in communities that have carried the brunt of environmental racism for too long is critical to ensuring that the future of Denver’s urban infrastructure is one that is equitable, healing, innovative, and transformative. (Denver Post Op-Ed Article reference)