Mission & Values





Of course, we produce eco-friendly apparel, but we didn't stop there. Sustainability is infused in every element of False Ego’s structure.
We built a closed loop business model with environmentally friendly packaging, a Textile Recycling Program, and opportunities to contribute to global conservation efforts.
Rebuilding the environment with each product sold!
Support Systems
Our global support system empowers us to make an impact further than our direct-communities.
False Ego maintains these systems by implementing smart purchase-impacts, empowerment events for creatives, and community engagement.
Strategic partnerships allow every move to be amplified, and enables customers to be agents of change.
Being dynamic is a key component of False Ego’s identity. Our long-term initiatives help us recognize that a sustainable future stems from changes we make today.
Commitment to change is what keeps our garments unique, our customers empowered, and communities engaged.
False Ego has a strong understanding of what it takes to live out our values, and we are determined to remain authentic to those foundational principles as we continue to grow our brand, community, and impact.