Our Story

Apparel with purpose; for people with purpose.

False Ego is changing the culture of fashion with a range of high-quality and eco-friendly apparel items. In Denver, 2018, Jevon Taylor began developing False Ego as more than just an apparel company, but also as a tool for positive impact.

Today, fashion is the second leading polluter in the world behind gas and oil. Our planetary mission is to cultivate conscious consumers and increase awareness of the apparel industry’s environmental impact..

The necessity of sustainable fashion and a constantly evolving streetwear culture gave birth to False Ego. Behind every design is a product made strictly from sustainable materials.

False Ego is an interdependent company that realizes the power in numbers and aims to expand impact through Customer Empowerment, Consumer Education, and other community channels.

We never take our support for granted. Whenever possible, False Ego will find ways to reconnect the community and reward your collective efforts toward change.

We strive to change the way fashion is consumed, and will do so as one of very few genuinely environmentally-conscious apparel brands. Every step forward for False Ego serves as a collective step to counteract the environmental impact of the eco-marauding fashion industry.

Join us in our mission to impact the world, and check out our values.