Sustainability Never Compromised


We only use the finest quality cottons and with partners like Original Favorites and SUPIMA® it is much easier to provide these guarentees.

The SUPIMA® trademark is the consumers’ guarantee that the branded textile product they are buying contains the finest U.S.- Grown Pima Cotton. By licensing the entire supply chain (that’s right, the entire supply chain) SUPIMA® provides added guarantee to customers that SUPIMA® trademarked goods are made with 100% U.S. Pima cotton of the highest quality.

The benefits of using Pima cotton vs conventional cotton are:

  • Organic cotton is much much safer for the environment and for the workers.
  • Pima cotton is classified as an “extra-long staple cotton, which grants a longer life cycle, also resulting with less microfibers released during wash it's wash cycle.
  • Pima Cotton is claimed to have a 50% increased longevity in lifespan compared to regular cotton. 
  • Pima cotton with its organic nature allows it be recycled and used in new ways like air insulation and other repurposing options.

While we adore organic cotton, we are also very determined to recycle and repurpose preexisting cotton fibers, which have already taken a lot of resources to produce, and find it a new purpose (ex: Air Insulation). Following a waste-led design process is key to our ethos. The avaerage American throws away an average of 70+ lbs of textile waste annualy, so the longer we can keep our garments in your closets/droors and out of a landfill, thats the goal.