Textile Recycling Program


We are closing the loop!

False Ego is pioneering a new lane within fashion: Recycling!

Today, America alone is responsible for 26 billion punds of textile waste EVERY YEAR. In response, we've launched a Textile Recycling Program, putting progressive efforts towards this issue.

We have set a goal to recycle 10,000 pounds of textiles within the first year of the program. The recycling program will keep textiles out of our landfills and empower each customer to have more direct impact than ever before.

The new Textile Recycling Program with our partners at USAgain, gives each customer direct access to send unwanted garments to be recycled at the USAgain facility with a simple 4 step process (see below).

Garments sent through this program will be broken down to their raw form and used as air insulation for buildings and homes. Some garments will be sent to select second hand retailers to be reused/reworn by people in need.



After receiving your product from our False Ego shop... 


Take Purchased product out of the provided Resealable Packaging


Place unwanted clothing back into the provided packaging, and reseal the package.


Go to the False Ego Website drop-down menu, click on the "Textile Recycling Program" tab, Enter in your order # and Email address.


Print out the provided U.P.S Pre-paid mailing slip (Providing FREE shipping). Place U.P.S Mailing slip on package and give to your local U.P.S location to ship.