Tree-Nation Partnership

We plant a tree for every product sold.

Well, actually you plant the tree. But don't worry, you won't have to put on your gardening clothes for this project. It's as easy as a few mouse clicks, and before you know it, you've made a huge environmental impact.

Through our partnership with Tree-Nation, we are committed in the fight to end deforestation.

Although False Ego is a sustainable apparel brand, we recognize that there is no 100% harmless method of garment production. (We'll let you know when we find one!)

To offset the  inevitable CO2 emissions from our production system, we have began our personal False Ego Forest. The forest our customers are planting is in the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, located in Tanzania, Africa.

With each purchase of our apparel, you help us grow our Brand Forest and contribute to re-forestation in an area that loses more than 400,000 hectares of forest through deforestation and fires every year.

Tree-Nation also makes it possible to track the growth of your personal tree. They provide a certificate notifying that your tree has been planted as well as the location of the tree. An interactive map keeps you updated with the impact you and others have made by making a simple purchase.

Each item purchased on the False Ego website includes an opportunity to plant a tree. Buy 3 items, plant 3 trees.

Just login to your Tree-Nation profile and confirm your purchases to begin erasing our carbon footprint!

The Usambara Biodiversity Conservation (UBC) is designed to be a sustainable conservation project directed around education of students in local youth development clubs.

The education curriculum integrates lessons about environmental conservation, botany, and horticulture. Students then put lessons into practice as they grow and plant a forest; which will drastically improve their schools, homes, and local region.

This project is also dedicated to improving the community's economic condition. As these trees grow to maturity, food from the fruit trees and Moringa will provide an additional income stream that helps residents move away from extreme poverty.

With deforestation occurring across the world, CO2 is constantly being released into the atmosphere, causing devastating effects on our planet.

Here at False Ego, we are connected to our planetary responsibility as a company and accept our responsibility to offset our personal C02 footprint. As we grow, so will our forest.