USAgain Partnership

"Zero waste fashion...? I've never heard of it.."



Thanks to our partnership with USAgain (pronounced "use-again"), False Ego is now a zero waste fashion company!

Merely providing our customers with sustainable apparel wasn't enough for us. Keeping our promise to design products with the FULL LIFE CYCLE in mind, we are now providing our customers with a textile recycling service.

This invitation to recycle is not only given to our False Ego customers! As a company we will also be sponsoring various USAgain clothing bins around the city of Denver, extending our impact to local communities and school districts.



This system contributes to the sensible use of our land by transforming clothing and textiles into reusable and valuable products rather than letting them waste away in landfills.

When you send back your used garments to be recycled, our partners at USAgain recycle the textiles into entirely new garments or use them as air insulation for residential/commercial buildings.

26 billion pounds of textile waste enters our landfills annually.

By recycling textiles, we as consumers extend the life of the used product while preserving precious resources and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.